Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have much to be thankful for in the City of Champions this year.
Despite the confusion of one of our council members, as he authored his rubric for better parks management, we are thankful we live in Massillon, and not Brunswick.
"The Director of Parks and Recreation shall have the control and management of parks, park entrances, parkways, children's playgrounds, public recreation facilities, gymnasiums, swimming pools, playfields, or indoor recreational centers, and any lands or buildings set aside for park or recreational use by the public, and the acquisition, construction, repair, and maintenance thereof. The Director shall create and supervise all Recreational Programs for the City of Brunswick."
We are thankful we have chosen elected officials who focus on the big issues of the day and the serious concerns facing our city... like where the mayor and her staff sit at council meetings.
Thank you Milan, Sarita, Nancy and Quinessa for keeping your laser like focus on what is truly important to the people you represent.
We are thankful for the attention to the will of the people displayed by some members of our city council.
Back in May, over 68 percent of the voters rejected a plan to make Massillon's city income tax one of the highest in Ohio.
One would think that plan would be dead and buried.
But it isn't.
Because no doesn't really mean no, and we fully expect the income tax increase proposal to come forward again in 2014.
We are thankful that the Extraordinary One, Massillon's Once & Future Mayor for Life does not believe his rejection by city voters in 2011, and the multi-million dollar "vat of red ink" he left his successor should deter his return to the mayor's office.
We anticipate his extraordinary return.
Because he provides us abundant topics on which to write.
And we are thankful.
But most of all, we are thankful for our readers.
You are truly the "extraordinary ones," and we hope you enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Fountain of Misinformation

The Independent newspaper ran a story today squelching the persistent rumor that the Massillon Senior Center was closing.

No one has proposed it should close.

The mayor has not proposed closing it;

"I have no intention of closing the senior center if I'm in charge," the mayor said. "I would like to expand it and grow the building so more people can use it." (The Independent, November 26, 2013)

City Council has not proposed closing it;

"City Councilman Ed Lewis, R-Ward 6, said council has not discussed closing or moving the facility, nor does it plan to draft legislation to do either." (The Independent, November 26, 2013).

Some of the speculation is a result of the retirement of long time director Nancy Johnson.

Word on the street is some of the speculation comes as a result of Massillon's one woman rumor mill, Ward 2 Councilwoman Nancy Halter.

It would appear nobody likes spreading a rumor more than Nancy Halter.

Among other rumors passed along by Councilwoman Halter according to our faithful readers include;

Mayor Kathy Catazaro-from-Perry resigning after the first of the year, and moving out of town, Florida we understand.

And this summer's rumor of Mayor Kathy Catazaro-from-Perry resigning to take a job in Washington.

There is naturally going to be some angst and speculation among Massillon residents about various governmental services in our Fair City as a result of the city being placed into fiscal emergency by the state auditor.

Feeding that speculation via rumor and innuendo is not a productive way for our elected leaders to spend their time. As an elected official, you have credibility with the people you serve. They will believe you.

Massillon has serious problems. We urge our elected leaders not to throw gasoline on the proverbial fire and stoke the fears of our residents.

Running a city is serious business.

Stop the gossip and get back to work.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Success in the City of Champions!

Windsor Ontario's loss appears to be Massillon's gain.

If you thought the Federal League was "anti-Massillon," you should see what the people in Windsor, Ontario had to say about our beloved City of Champions when it was announced that the Heinz Corporation was closing it's Windsor area plant and moving production to other cities, including Massillon, Ohio.

What was Windsor's loss is Massillon's gain.

In what has to be the singular biggest achievement of the regime of Massillon's new leader, Kathy Catazaro-from-Perry, she and her team negotiated a deal not only keeping the 450 local jobs at the Heinz corporation in Massillon, but adding another 249 jobs.

Almost 750 jobs in a city of about 32,000 people.

To say this is a big deal is a vast understatement.

Business retention and expansion is an ultra-competitive game between communities, and this is a huge win for Massillon.

While we are surprised that Catazaro-from-Perry did not try to move the Heinz plant to her home and native land, the vast pagan wasteland known as Perry Township, we are sure her detractors are vexed.

On one hand, this was a great coup for Massillon.

On the other hand, Catazaro-Perry gets credit for doing it.

According to the Windsor (Ontario) Star newspaper, the Heinz corporation will be investing $28 million dollars in the new Massillon plant.

This means Heinz will be part of the Massillon business landscape for some time to come.

And the best part, unlike some past deals negotiated by a certain past mayor, Massillonians aren't on the hook for the mortgage.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Grown Ups At Work

Massillon's Financial Planning and Supervision Commission had its very first meeting yesterday as it began the process of cleaning up the "vat of red ink" left to Massillon City government by our former Mayor for Life, the Extraordinary One, Frank Cicchinelli.

According to the Independent newspaper, "they gathered for nearly three hours in Mayor Kathy Catazaro-Perry's office for a general introductory and procedural meeting, as well as to outline some goals of the group."

However, no where in the article did we read about a contentious debate over where the mayor and her staff would sit.

Apparently, everyone in the room behaved like adults, and didn't play petty, junior high school lunch room games over where the members of the commission would sit.

Unfortunately for the people of the City of Champions, we can't say that about everyone charged with overseeing Massillon's health and welfare.

On Monday night, with their trademark laser like focus on the big issues facing our community, Massillon City Council finally had a vote on the pressing issue of the day.

Deciding where the mayor and her staff would sit.

As we last left High School Confidential, the Republicans on council were mad that "that woman," Kathy Catazaro-from-Perry hired a Republican as her safety and service director. Republican Al Hennon's decision to join the administration of a Democratic mayor was met with anger and name calling from some of his Republican colleagues.

The solution? They were not going to let Mayor Kathy sit at their table during lunch, and an ordinance was introduced moving the mayor and her staff from the front of the council chambers during council meetings.

And Monday night was the vote.

And the vote failed on a five to four vote.

The good news is that five members of Massillon City Council realized that this was ridiculous, stupid, immature and petty, and were adult enough to vote no.

The bad news is that four members of council were not.

Milan Chovin
Nancy Halter
Sarita Cunningham-Hedderly
and Quinessa Hampton

were more interested in junior high school vengeance than the adult responsibilities the voters tasked them with when they were chosen to serve.

If this vote is any indication of the maturity and level of responsibility belonging to some of the members on Massillon City Council, and we believe it is, then the next two years will be extraordinary for the amount of shenanigans we can expect from some of our city council members.

It will give us much to write about.

And the people of Massillon much to be sad about.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Night Shenanigans

When our current mayor, Democrat Kathy Catazaro-from-Perry, reached across the partisan divide and hired former Massillon Schools Superintendent Al Hennon as her permanent safety & service director, one would think the Republicans would have been pleased that "that woman" hired a Republican into the top job in her administration.

One would be wrong.

Al Hennon was also the Republican candidate for Massillon City Council President.

Normally, the job of council president is not all that relevant to the governance of a municipality.

The council president simply runs the council meetings.

Except in the case of former council president Glenn Gamber, who acted as the former mayor's loyal enforcer.

Gamber acted as the de-facto boss of council, and the council members, for whatever reason, let him.

The current council president, Tony Townsend, appears to lack Gamber's informal authority and merely presides over the meetings.

We can't imagine Hennon being a head cracker in his role as council president, but we could be wrong.

Hennon, we hear, wanted to be more than the referee at council meetings twice a month, and felt he could contribute more as safety & services director.

The Republicans were enraged that Hennon went to work for the usurper, "that woman," Kathy Catazaro-from-Perry.

They screamed treason and demanded revenge.

And they had a plan for vengeance.

A petty, ill-conceived plan, but a plan nonetheless.

They would smite Kathy Catazaro-from-Perry from their presence and ban her and her administration from sitting up in the front of the council chambers during council meetings.


They were going to make her sit in the back of the council meeting room, away from where the council members sit.


They have turned their rubric for better seating into legislation, and will be voting on an ordinance to move where the mayor sits at the meetings.


This is what some members of council are fixated on.

The city is broke, the State of Ohio has put Massillon under fiscal emergency, and our city council will be voting on moving the mayor and her staff to the back of the room.



Sarita Cunningham stated at a prior meeting of city council that having the mayor and her staff sit up front next to the council members, "gave her the willies."

It gives us "the willies" that council is spending time on this.

We imagine the vote will be close.

We will share the vote tally with our faithful readers, so they know the name of each council member who is so totally absorbed with petty politics, and who has such a total disregard for the real issues of the city, that they are more interested in playing "gotcha" with the mayor than focusing on Massillon's real problems.

We would like to remind council members so inclined to revert to their junior high school method of dealing with people they don't like by moving where they sit in the cafeteria to grow up.

Or quit, so that adults can take your place running the city.

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Newest White Elephant in the Room

The Massillon Senior Apartments at 59 Lincoln Way East.

A private enterprise.

And guess who pays the loan?

We do.

In an all too familiar pattern of "business development" under the reign of Massillon's Once & Future Mayor for Life, Frank Cicchinelli, the City of Massillon is once more on the financial hook for someone else's private enterprise.

Tuesday night, taking a break from the critical business of determining who sits where at the meetings, City Council requested that the Law Director start the process of obtaining a receiver for the Massillon Senior Apartments. A receiver would be a third party who would run the building and collect the rents on behalf of the city.

Currently, a private developer, John Lucas collects the rents.

Massillon pays the loan.


He gets the rent money and Massillon pays the debt.

And Massillon still owes $925,000 dollars on the loan.

As some of our long term faithful readers may recall, the original developers stopped paying on the loan in 2010, but Massillon City Council was not notified by the city auditor until after the mayoral primary of 2011.

We can only speculate as to why the late notification.

Current operator John Lucas made an offer to buy the building earlier this year, but he couldn't come up with the money.

And now he quietly collects the rent.

While we pay the loan.

The Senior Apartments are just one more example of the "Massillon Miracle" of development, a narrative promulgated by Team Cicchinelli.

We don't argue that these are great business deals for the developers.

The City takes the risk and the developer takes the money.

What's not to like?

Except when the business fails, and our cash strapped city has one more financial obligation to pay as the result of another questionable deal executed by our former leader.

We are now left wondering if any more white elephants will be entering our collective room, led into the city by our Once & Future Mayor for Life.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Another Extraordinary Mess

Massillon's Once & Future Mayor for Life, Frank Cicchinelli, imagined himself to be quite the wheeler dealer and engine of economic growth for the Industrial Crossroads of Ohio, now known as the City of Champions.

Unfortunately, many of these deals were financial sandcastles, propped up by the people's money, susceptible to being washed away by the high tides of an unsustainable debt load.

The nine hole expansion of the Legends of Massillon Golf Course was one such debacle. This expansion, spurred on, according to our former mayor by "overzealous golfers" is the ultimate in municipal white elephants. The whole course had to be rebuilt to accommodate the extra nine holes, and the resultant debt was so large, the city could not sustain it. This is when the mayor decided to dump the debt on the Parks Board, a move which has crushed park operations ever since.

Cicchinelli didn't do this to unload the debt, he just wanted to help out, to merge golf course and park operations, to merely run things more efficiently.

"The Mayor explained that the merging of these two areas will maximize resources of the current departments and provide an organizational structure which will promote efficient operations giving top notch service to the public. The Mayor believes this decision now, in the long term, will be beneficial to everyone, and he stated that they promised the citizens that the city would not subsidize this golf course" (Parks and Recreation Board minutes, November 14, 2002).

Cicchinelli claimed that his proposal "was not a big scheme to have the parks department cover the golf course's expenses" (The Repository, December 17, 2002).

As we all learned, it was a "big scheme to have the parks department cover the golf course's expenses."

And don't worry, it will all be paid off...

In 2032.

Only 19 more years.

Then we have our City's foray into the hotel business.

The mortgage of the Hampton Inn is being paid for with our community development dollars.

"It (The Hampton Inn) was a good expenditure of tax dollars and the city is better off for it" (Frank Cicchinelli, The Independent, May 8, 2009).

And at the end of the 20 year mortgage in 2019, the City of Massillon will be on the hook for an almost $1 million dollar balloon payment.

We borrowed $2.25 million dollars, which doesn't even count the interest payments, for a hotel someone else owns.


And who can forget the proposed 6,500 seat arena?

Junior hockey right here in the City of Champions.

A million dollar state grant was spent on site preparations.

Unfortunately, proposed financier, Steven Waldman ended up in a Florida prison.

Are we done yet?


The next white elephant has just entered the room.

We just hope someone brought a pooper scooper.

A big one.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Let's Get This Party Started

Ohio Governor John Kasich has made his third and final appointment to Massillon's Financial Planning and Supervision Commission.

Bob Gessner of Massillon Cable TV.

He joins local businessman Bob Yund and former Perry Township Administrator Elaine Campbell.

Some may question the appointment of Campbell, as she worked in that pagan wasteland known as Perry Township, but we decided to give her a pass after the uncovering of several facts by our crack Massillon Review research team.

Firstly, we can find no evidence that Perry Township ever experienced the dire financial problems plaguing Massillon that occurred as a result of the poor deals and overspending under the leadership of the Extraordinary One, Massillon's Once & Future Mayor for Life.

Secondly, Campbell does reside here in the warm confines of the City of Champions as she is a citizen of Tigertown.

The players are in place and it appears time the Commission gets to the serious of work of straightening out the mess.

We hope they do not maintain the same laser like focus on municipal finances that our city council has, or they will spend six weeks debating the seating chart, and whether or not the mayor has to sit in the hallway during the meetings.

Just last week, despite facing a multi-million dollar shortfall, with delinquent bills piling up to the ceiling, City Council decided it was time to spend more money on capital acquisitions.


How about using that money to pay the bills?

Part of this attitude, no doubt, results from the fact some members of council won't believe their own eyes and see the financial wreckage wrought by the former regime.

It would be a sign of disloyalty to the prior occupant of the mayor's office.

They continue to believe all is fine, all is well, and the only problem is that the current mayor, Kathy Catazaro-from-Perry scammed the State of Ohio, and cheer leaded us into a problem that otherwise did not exist.

Unfortunately for Massillon, the problem is real.

We are broke.

And ignoring the problem hasn't worked.

It has brought the State of Ohio into the mix.

And hopefully the Commission won't tolerate the shenanigans going on by some of our elected so-called leaders.

And will worry about the finances instead of who sits where at the meetings, and selecting a parks director who already has the job.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It Was Not Extraordinary

The man who coined former mayor Frank Cicchinelli with the adjective, "extraordinary," fell short in his political comeback bid in Massillon's First Ward.

Former Safety & Services Director Mike Loudiana, our Once & Future Mayor for Life's right hand man lost to Republican incumbent Sarita Cunningham-Hedderly.

Team Cicchinelli was unable to plant their flag in the First Ward.

And we are sorely disappointed.

This, of course, will be a mere bump on the comeback trail as native born, God fearing Massillonians everywhere are still waiting for their sovereign's inevitable return to smite "that woman."

Cicchinelli neighbor, Republican Jim Triner also went down to defeat last night to Democrat Shaddrick Stinson, despite the fact there was a second Democrat in the race, Current Councilwoman Quinessa Hampton's husband, Edward.

The Democratic vote was not splintered enough to ensure a Triner victory.

Ward 2 Republican Nancy Halter and Ward 6 Republican Ed Lewis eked out razor close wins against their Democratic opponents.

Lewis, a likely mayoral candidate in two years, had to be surprised by the close shave he took in Ward 6.

The balance of power on council has now changed from a 5 to 4 Republican majority, to a 5 to 4 Democratic majority.

Look for long time Councilman Paul Manson to be chosen as the new council majority leader.

Manson, a die hard Cicchinelli loyalist will faithfully carry the Cicchinelli banner in leading council's new majority.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Election Day in the City of Champions

It's Election Day in the City of Champions and we urge all our faithful readers to go and exercise their right to vote.

And by tonight, some questions will be answered.

Will Team Cicchinelli be on the ascendancy and plant their flag in Massillon's First Ward, celebrating the election of former Safety & Services Director Mike Loudiana?

The thought of that happening just gives Sarita Cunningham-Hedderly the willies.

We believe it would be "extraordinary."

Will mayor in waiting Ed Lewis hang on to his Ward 6 seat? Word on the street is Lewis has been angling to run for mayor since he first took his council seat.

Will Nancy Halter's past support of hotels and golf courses bring her another term in Ward 2?

Will the Democratic vote in Ward 4 be diluted, resulting in Cicchinelli neighbor, Republican Jim Triner pulling the upset, and being elected in the traditionally Democratic southeast side ward?

None of the at large races are contested, but we will have a new member of council at large, as the Honorable Councilman, the Esteemed Larry Slagle, "Voice of the People," joins Ward 5 Republican Donnie Peters in temporary retirement.

Temporary retirement.

They both will be back.

Michelle Del Rio-Keller will take Slagle's place, a woman known for her intelligence and independence.

And who will be elected to our school board as the two incumbents, Phil Elum and Tom Seesan retire. Both Elum and Seesan are quality individuals and will be difficult to replace. They were never worried about who sat where at the school board meetings and could function as adults at the meeting.

We don't care who you vote for.

Just vote.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Another Productive Night

It looks like Massillon City Council will be spending another productive night diligently working on the people's business.

They are maintaining a laser like focus on the critical issues facing the City of Champions.

They are working tirelessly on the one issue that has the biggest impact on the lives of the people of Massillon.

Making sure the mayor doesn't sit up front at the council meetings.

Here at Massillon City Council High School, Mayor Kathy stole Al Hennon at the Homecoming Sock Hop, and the rest of the gang doesn't want her sitting at their lunch table.

So, tonight they will be considering the serious business of amending Massillon's law books to change rule number 64, "who is admitted within the bar."

No, no, no...

Not who is admitted within a bar...


Nah, too easy.

" who is admitted within the bar" refers to the front part of city council chambers, where the city council and other city officials sit.

Mayor Kathy and her administration are to be moved to the back of the room.

Or maybe even out in to the hall.

Or perhaps into the parking lot.

This legislation is the manifestation of the childish antics of people who do not appear grown up enough to sit together, let alone run a city.

High School is over people.

Grow up.

This lack of maturity, focus, and common sense is disturbing.

It should give everyone in Massillon the willies.

Stat of the Day

According to one of our faithful readers, one who apparently has a little too much free time on their hands, our beloved Massillon Tigers Football team has been nothing short of extraordinary in their series with arch-nemesis Canton McKinley during the mayoral reign of Kathy Catazaro-from-Perry.

During the reign of Catazaro-from-Perry, our Tigers are undefeated, posting 3 wins against no losses versus McKinley, including a playoff win last year.

Under the reign of our Once and Future Mayor for Life, Frank Cicchinelli, our Tigers were .500 versus McKinley, posting a record of 14 wins and 14 losses.

It is clear that our Tigers can overcome any handicap this year, including playing for a city led by "that woman."

Best wishes in the playoffs!

Friday, November 1, 2013

The 124th Meeting

The Massillon Review wishes our hometown Massillon Tigers best wishes as they take to the field Saturday for the 124th time against their arch-nemesis, the Canton McKinley Bulldogs.

A win for our Tigers and it's off to the playoffs!

Good Luck Tigers and look for our Massillon Review float in tonight's Beat McKinely parade!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

It Just Gives Us the Willies

As the City of Champions slides into fiscal emergency, Massillon City Council approaches it's job with a laser like focus as it grapples with the critical issues of the day.

Like where they plan on having the mayor sit during the meetings.

Again, we are serious.

There is a real live ordinance being debated in city council which if passed, would move the mayor and her administration from the front of the meeting room to the general public area.

For real.

This is how they actually spend their time.

It is believed this rubric for better seating is a punitive response being pushed by some on council as retaliation for "that woman" hiring Republican Al Hennon as Safety & Services Director.

One of our faithful readers shared with us Councilwoman Sarita Cunningham's rationale for wanting the Catazaro-from-Perry administration to move from the front of the room to the back of the room.

Apparently, having the mayor and the staff sitting next to her "gave her the willies."

What gives us the willies is a city council so lost for focus and so absent of seriousness that it spends its days worried about where the mayor sits at the meetings.

It does, however, look like Catazaro-from-Perry just hastened her move to the back of the room.

Or in the case, her new assigned seat will probably be in the parking lot.

She dared veto the well researched, well thought out rubric for better parks management authored by the Honorable, the Esteemed Councilman, Larry Slagle.

It appeared to be a fine job of cut and paste, as the version we received referred to the "City of Brunswick."

It was a plan to deal with a parks director who was already appointed.

Or maybe it was a rubric to return a former parks director to his job.

It did put city council firmly in charge of the parks.

Which based on recent history would be an unmitigated  disaster.

They would struggle endlessly with issues like where to put a swing set.

And the thought of them managing these complex issues just gives us the willies.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

High School Confidential Part 1

The word on the street is that certain members of our esteemed, serious minded city council decided it was time to discuss a rubric for seating at the meetings right after Mayor Kathy-Catazaro-from-Perry appointed former Massillon Schools Superintendent Al Hennon as her Safety & Services Director.

They were mad at "the usurper" and were not going to let her sit at their lunch table any longer.

Were the Democrats mad because she appointed a Republican, as she is a Democrat?


Were the Republicans happy that one of their own was selected to the top appointed post in city government?


They believed the appointment was shenanigans on the part of the Catazaro-from-Perry administration.

Because Al Hennon was running for election as a Republican against Democrat Tony Townsend in November in the race for council president.

Hennon dropped out and Townsend got a free pass.

Did this change the balance of power on council?


The council president only votes in the case of a tie, and as there are nine members on Massillon City Council, if everyone shows up to the meeting, there won't be a tie.

Word is that some folks believe "that woman" appointed Hernnon purely to give her pal Tony Townsend a free ride because Townsend would be her lackey as council president.

But if Hennon agreed to work for her, isn't he now her lackey, too?

So aren't they both her lackeys?

So did it really matter who became council president?

Both candidates appear to be Catazaro-from-Perry lackeys.

In discussing mayoral appointees by "that woman," Team Cicchinelli uses it's own rubric for evaluating their fitness to serve.

If the person knows Catazaro-from-Perry, they are a lackey, and if they ever agree with anything she wants to do, they are a rubber stamp. And trust us, nobody knows more about rubber stamping than Team Cicchinelli.

So, logic would dictate the only people "that woman" could hire who would garner the approval of the associates of our Once & Future Mayor for Life are people she has never met who hate her.

Those people probably are not going to get hired.

We would well imagine that for Al Hennon to be offered and accept the top job in the city, he probably already knew "that woman," and probably (gasp) agreed with the way she was running our fair city.

The problems at high school were more important than this.

Someone else wanted to be King of Homecoming.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hit the Road Jack?

Under the Honorable Councilman Larry Slagle's rubric for better parks management which he shepherded through Massillon City Council, when City Council wasn't distracted by who was sitting where at the meeting, he laid forth qualifications for the position of "Director of Parks and Recreation."

As an acknowledgement, we realize sharing the esteemed councilman's proposal constitutes a vicious personal attack against his outstanding reputation. We are indeed sorry for stooping to this despicable level, but here we go;

The Department of Parks and Recreation shall be headed by the Director of Parks and Recreation.  No person shall be appointed Director of Parks and Recreation unless they have been actively engaged on a full-time basis as a Director or similar level in Parks and Recreation activities for a minimum period of ten (10) years or more prior to his/her appointment.  In addition, an individual appointed to the position of Director of Parks and Recreation must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Parks Administration, Public Administration, Sports Management or similar degree from an accredited institution of higher learning, plus have supervised a minimum of twenty-five (25) employees at one time.  A Master’s Degree in Park or Recreation Administration or Public Administration is preferred.

The question becomes one of whether or not current Parks Czar Doug Nist is qualified to keep his job under Larry Slagle's New World Order for Parks.

We realize this is how they may do things in Brunswick, but is Nist out the door in Tigertown?

It is well known that former Parks Czar and Cicchinelli loyalist Kenn Kaminski would love to return to the City of Champions.

It would also appear these qualifications were tailor made for just one person.

Is this recently passed ordinance just a mechanism, a rubric so to say, to return Kaminski to his former post, adding one more Cicchinelli loyalist into the mix as we prepare the groundwork for the Extraordinary One's triumphant return as our Once and Future Mayor for Life?

Our guess is that the chess pieces are already being moved around the board.

And we imagine the result will be nothing less than extraordinary.

Monday, October 28, 2013

What Does He Know, He's a Canton Guy!

Apparently, Repository Columnist Jim Hillibish didn't get the memo about how Massillon really got into fiscal emergency.

Let us recap;

Things in Tigertown were truly perfect.

Some would say extraordinary, under the 24 year reign of our prior mayor, Frank Cicchinelli.

All his development projects, and associated debt parlayed Massillon into a bounteous land of milk and honey.

All his projects were successes, with perhaps the lone exception of the nine hole expansion at the Legends of Massillon golf course, pushed by some "over zealous golfers."

Massillon was truly a model of fiscal responsibility.

And then storm clouds covered the sky and a four year darkness descended upon our fair city.

The usurper, Kathy Catazaro-from-Perry, arrived on to the scene, and in a mere 17 months, all by herself, emptied the city coffers, created a mountain of debt, and turned the once proud government of the Industrial Crossroads of Ohio into a broken vat of red ink.

She then, for political purposes only, cheer leaded the Auditor of State to place Massillon in fiscal emergency.

Most critically, all of this was her fault.

None of this was the fault of our Once and Future Mayor for Life.

And we, a hopeful citizenry, wait patiently for our hero, the Once & Future Mayor for Life to return to the scene, rid us of "that woman" from Perry, right the wrongs, and once again captain our ship of state and lead us again to a land of prosperity.

Jim Hillibish wrote a column this past Friday discussing the City of Champion's descent into fiscal emergency.

And it is clear that Hillibish doesn't understand how Massillon got into this situation.

We now share with our faithful readers his misguided reasoning, his departure from reality, and his failure to recognize the truth.

We hope he comes to recognize the truth.

Because the truth shall truly set you free.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Do They Have a Seating Chart?

Ohio Governor John Kasich has made two of his three appointments to Massillon's Fiscal Planning and Supervision Commission.

This is the board that will oversee Massillon's finances during Massillon's fiscal emergency.

The first pick was former Perry Township Administrator Elaine Campbell.'s%20Financial%20Planning%20Commission.pdf

The second pick was Massillon businessman Bob Yund, owner of Yund's car wash.

Word on the street is that the third pick is likely to go to Bob Gessner from Massillon Cable TV.

But we are very concerned about the people chosen to oversee our fiscal black hole.

We aren't sure this commission will have the laser like focus and surgical attention to detail our Massillon City Council has had in dealing with the vat of red ink left us by the departure of our Once & Future Mayor for Life.

Will the Fiscal Planning and Oversight Commission quickly agree where everyone gets to sit at the meetings, or will they need to spend time debating and passing legislation to arrange a rubric for seating?

What if they don't like where Kathy Catazaro-from-Perry sits? What if the rest of the Commission doesn't want her sitting at their lunch table?

These are the complex issues that vex our city council on a weekly basis.

We just hope Governor Kasich's Commission appointees are up to the task.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

No Response

"...he (Frank Cicchinelli), is an extraordinary mayor."
      - Former Safety Service Director Mike Loudiana


As is the choice the unfortunate voters of Massillon's First Ward face in the election in just two weeks time.

In one corner, we have Democrat Mike Loudiana, Safety Service Director to none other than our Once & Future Mayor for Life, Frank Cicchinelli.

Mike Loudiana, who as Safety Service Director milked our cash strapped City for extraordinary amounts of overtime.

Mike Loudiana, the right hand of the Once & Future Mayor for Life who must believe that the voters' repudiation of his former boss doesn't apply to himself.

That somehow he escapes the taint and the shenanigans of the Cicchinelli era.

Yesterday, the Independent newspaper published a story about the candidates in Massillon's First Ward. It also printed a candidate's profile which asked each candidate what the issue was in Massillon.

Under Mike Loudiana, the response was "none."

No issues.

When the Massillon Review's crack research team found the online candidate's profile on, the question posed to Mike Loudiana was;

"What will be the key issue facing your city over the next few years?"

Loudiana's response?

"No response"

No response.

No issues.

No problem here.

How about the fact that the handiwork of your former boss contributed greatly to Massillon being placed in fiscal emergency?

Could that maybe be an issue?

Maybe the issue is people running for council who don't know what the issues are, or who have "No response" to the question of "What will be the key issue facing your city?"

Based on these responses, we believe Mike Loudiana will be perfectly suited to grapple with the difficult and complex issues currently facing Massillon City Council.

Like who sits where at the meetings.